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Responsibility / Disclaimer statement

Responsibility / Disclaimer Statement

Sideways Incentives, Inc. acts only as an agent for the various independent suppliers that provide hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing activities or other services connected with this event. Such services are subject to the terms and conditions of those suppliers. Sideways Incentives, Inc. and their respective employees, agents, representatives, and assigns accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or any other incident which may be caused by the negligence, defect, a default of any company or person in performing these services. Responsibility is not accepted for losses, injury, damages or expenses of any kind due to sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, acts of nature, local laws or other such causes.

All services and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations of the states or countries in which they are provided. Sideways Incentives, Inc. is not responsible for any baggage or personal effects of any individual participating in the tours/trips arranged by Sideways Incentives, Inc. Individual travelers are responsible for purchasing a travel insurance policy if desired, which will cover some of the expenses associated with the loss of luggage or personal effects.