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San Francisco is welcoming back visitors

Looking for great food, fresh air, and gorgeous views? Come to San Francisco. The city is ready to welcome you back. Take our Safe Travel Pledge and get to planning! #OurGateisOpen.

Here what is currently open in San Francisco.

  • Restaurants and bars for outdoor service, curbside pickup, delivery and indoor service at 25% capacity (as of Sep. 30)
  • Family entertainment such as outdoor children’s carousels, miniature trains, and Ferris wheels, like the Observation Wheel in Golden Gate Park (as of Sep. 30)
  • Hotels for visitors, including hotel fitness centers at 10% capacity (as of Sep 30)
  • Indoor retail and malls with approval at 50% capacity (as of Sep 30)
  • Tour buses and boats
  • Drive-in movies (outdoors)
  • Botanical gardens
  • Outdoor historical sites

As the city prepares to welcome visitors back it is important to keep the city safe and healthy. Visitors need to do their part to keep themselves and our residents safe, too.

Visitors signing a pledge promise to:

  • Wear a mask or other face-covering when in public spaces.
  • Maintain physical distance from others while exploring the city.
  • Practice good hygiene to lower the risk of spreading or contracting disease.
  • Follow all local public health orders, even if they are different from the ones where they live.
  • Research the changes that local hotels, attractions, and businesses have made before they travel so that they can be a responsible visitor.
  • Support local businesses that form the character and culture of San Francisco’s many different neighborhoods.
  • Use contactless payment methods wherever possible.
  • Be patient with and respectful to the workers in San Francisco’s hotels, restaurants, and stores, who are all adjusting to new protocols and procedures.
  • Preserve and protect the places they visit by not littering or leaving things behind.
  • Lead by example and share these practices with other travelers.

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Courtesy of SFtravel.com